Superior Success Stories

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Case Study: Warehousing


A customer-focused distribution warehouse company has numerous warehouses that store a wide array of commodities. These include non-hazardous chemicals, food grade, general commodities, clothing, and furniture. The company’s facility was in need to expand its throughput capacity to service an expanded brick-and-mortar location.

The Challenge

The company was experiencing high employee turnover (55%), low throughput (only 75%), and poor-quality work from the workforce that was assembled by its current staffing providers. The staffing providers were not providing consistent follow-up on requisitions and service.

The Solution

The company partnered with Superior Recruiting Agency to create a new workforce and labor solution. Through a thorough discovery of the operating reality at the facility, we were able to identify the workforce-related challenges, implement value-based solutions, and solve problems that were preventing the company from successfully meeting employee retention, throughput, and quality objectives. After this review, the company selected Superior Recruiting Agency as their only main provider for a workforce solution.

The Results

  • Turnover improved to only 25% with Superior Recruiting Agency (vs. 55% with previous provider)
  • Throughput increased to 90% (vs. 75% with previous provider) and is on pace to reach 100% as part of Superior’s solution
  • Company is now able to expand their facility to accommodate additional stores from this location
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