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Case Study: Manufacturing Start Up


A client that recently purchased a new facility in our area was looking to employ a staff well over 250 associates in a short period of time. This happened to be during one of the nation’s toughest times to secure employees with the outbreak of Covid-19. This manufacturing client was looking for both skilled, non-skilled, and professional associates to be obtained before and during startup. With no presence in our area, they called Superior Recruiting Agency to help fulfill this great need. When they decided to look for an agency to provide this large need of workforce, they wanted a staffing provider with an exceptional local presence in the community. With our professional references and years of experience, they made the decision to call Superior Recruiting Agency.

Superior Recruiting Actions

The challenge brought to Superior Recruiting Agency was to provide this company with skilled, non-skilled, and managerial associates during the Covid-19 outbreak. This company needed Superior Recruiting Agency to:

  • Ensure their need of over 250 associates would be met for initial startup
  • Quickly and efficiently manage and secure associates for day one
  • Locate and secure skilled, nonskilled, and managerial associates for their team

Superior Recruiting Agency Solution

Once our relationship with the client was fulfilled, Superior Recruiting Agency created a meeting between the corporate operations departments and our local team. It was crucial that this deadline would be met during this challenging time. With our experience and expertise, the ability to come up with a staffing plan to meet this demand was a success. We decided to make an effective approach to spread community word immediately. Shortly after these meetings took place, a plan was rolled out to have Superior Recruiting Agency work with community leaders to help spread word of the arrival of this new client in the area.

Superior Recruiting Agency Results

Superior Recruiting Agency was able to establish an effective community knowledge of our new client. We came up with a staffing solution for this client and had this plan operating within the first few weeks. With this solution in place, Superior Recruiting Agency was able to:

  • Successfully meet the startup deadline by enrolling all 250 associates
  • Provide both hourly associates along with direct hire placements
  • Provide continued staffing services support and built a lasting relationship


Our client knows that with Superior Recruiting Agency, not only are their needs in the local area met on a daily basis, but they can also count on our team to identify strong, qualified associates outside of this location with our direct hire programs.

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